Who we are

Anna and Athanasia Baxevani were charmed by the magic of nature and the beauty of a small village of Sparta, Selasia. Thus, they decided to leave their professional careers (Anna in shipping and Athanasia in fashion design) in order to deal with something more natural, more authentic and more traditional, the local products of Laconia.
The latter are high quality products, which owe their uniqueness and special characteristics to the inexhaustible wealth of the region; the arid olive groves related to the production of Kalamon olives and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the rich flora of the slopes of Parnon and Taygetus related to the production of honey and herbs.

Nevertheless, above all, these products owe their special value to the residents of Selasia, who spare no effort to provide pure, traditional and high quality products.

The above activated their imagination and the trademark of “Selesia green” was designed. A trademark closely related to Selasia, which expresses the traditional occupation of the Greek farmer of the region and inspires the required respect for the environment.

Their goal is to bring these finest quality products to your table with the most traditional way.