Edible Olives / Greek Mezes

Our olives are grown on the shady slopes of Mount Parnon and Mount Taygetus, in the dry olive groves of the villages around Sparta.

Olives are hand picked one by one and fermented with the traditional way for almost four months. After being slit, they are packed with high quality extra virgin olive oil and locally grown herbs (oregano, garlic, bayleaf, rosemary, basil, chili pepper). No additives or preservatives are used.

These special olive products may be served (together with the extra virgin olive oil) as a Greek mezes; each olive recipe is a unique Greek serving suggestion.

Available in appropriate packing that ensures the quality, the impermeability and the safety of the product.

Their packing takes place in a certified packing plant (ISO 22000:2005) in Selasia.