The Value of Olive and Olive Oil

Olive trees have been cultivating in the Mediterranean area for thousands of years. However, the olive tree is considered to be an eminently “greek” tree as it was first cultivated in Greece and it has been connected with the history of the Greeks from antiquity until today.

Hippocrates called the olive "the great therapeutic"; he was aware of what it is now scientifically proven: the great value and the therapeutic attributes of the olive. Rich in monounsaturated fats and anti oxidative substances, olive products are recognized all over the world for their beneficial attributes. Besides, the list of their benefits for our health is getting longer over the time; it is proven not only their preventing but also their repressive action against numerous diseases including various cancer types and heart diseases.

For these reasons, edible olives and olive products give a special value to the Mediterranean Diet. Besides, the olive oil is the main source of fat, replacing other sources of vegetable fats (such as margarine) or animal fats (such as butter).